Our Team

Our highly professional team under the guidance of highly qualified & motivated management is passionate about printing. They make difference because they care. We have experts in the fields of graphics, machine printing, finishing and logistics to ensure consistency in service, our facilities and staff will be used to produce work within our competency range.

We are continually striving to continuously improve our operations and developing our staff to higher levels plays a key role in our improvement activities, Systems and procedures to benefit you, our partner. To this end, all personnel are committed to strictly stand on the commitment to built good-will asset meeting total customer satisfaction.

List of Manpower with Experience

Name Designation Experience
Riyad Mahmud Chairman 18 Years
Md. Zahid Hossain Managing Director 18 Years
Abu Taleb Mohammed Salehin Director 12 Years
Maine Uddin Manager 8 Years
Md.Nafish Sadique Accounts In-Charge 5 Years
Md. Enayet Ullah Shohel Graphics Designer 10 Years
Md. Kazim Uddin Manager Marketing & sales 12 Years
Rashedul Hasan Shamim Commercial 4 years
Md. Abul Hossain Marketing & Sales Officer 4 years
Shahin Khan Office Executive 4 years
Md. Alam Hossen Office Executive 4 years
Md. Ripon Hossen Asst. Product Manager 7 years
Md Mehedi Hasan Office Executive 3 years
Md. Amjad Hossain (Babu) Asst. Graphics Designer 3 years
Mir Sumon Office Executive 3 years
Md. Tanbir Hasan Office Executive 2 years
Md. Aminur Islam Office Executive 6 years
Sharier Office Executive 2 years
Kabir Office Executive 2 years
Murad Office Executive 2 years
Name Designation Experience
Md. Alamgir Hossain Machine Operator 15 Years 4 color
Milon Hossain Molla Asst. Machine Operator 4 color
Sofik Hosen Asst. Machine Operator 4 color
Md. Ramjan Helper 4 color
Md. Rakib Helper 4 color
Md. Shujon Helper 4 color
Md. Siddiqur Rahman Machine Operator 20 Years Bi-Color
Abdul Momin Asst. Machine Operator Bi-Color
Md. Shahadat Bepary Asst. Machine Operator Bi-Color
Monowar Hossain Helper Bi-Color
Md. Aminur Rahman Machine Operator Cutting
Sree Joy Asst. Machine Operator Cutting
Md. Sadekul Islam Machine Operator 10 Years SORDZ
Md. Rajib Asst. Machine Operator SORDZ
Kalachan Molla Asst. Machine Operator SORDZ
Md. Rimon Helper SORDZ
Md. Sahidul Islam Machine Operator MO
Md. Rakib Shikder Asst. Machine Operator MO
Md. Nayem Helper MO
Md. Monir Hossen Machine Operator Dai Cutting
Md. Sanju Mia Asst. Machine Operator Dai Cutting
Md. Shahjalal Machine Operator Lamination
Md. Rakib Helper Lamination
Saddam Dipu Helper Lamination


Your Satisfaction is Our Success