Capability and Machineries

Capability & Machineries



Design : The Design Bit (Where we pull ideas together!)

We can accept customers own artwork design service is available to produce the simplest of designs to full color highly creative artwork with a chunk of creativity and widely used software and hardware we can offer the best pre-press service available.

Plate Processing :

One double demy size fine quality plate making machine with auto timer which provides best quality plate for offset printing.


Press :

We have two German made high quality offset printing machines

Two  Heidelberg MO (Demy 19″× 25.5″)

One Roland Parva (RZ2PC) (Bi-Color Double Demy 25” × 37”)


Post Press :

For print finishing

We have one lamination machine made in china.

We have one dice-cutting machine.

One china paper cutting machine

We have all machines necessary for calendar, diary, and other binding works

List of Machinery – Printing Section, CTP (Computer to Plate) & Plate Making

Sl No

Machines Description


Origin Model No


1. Computer and Laptop

14 Pcs.

2. Laser Printer

02 Pcs.

3. Scanner

01 Pcs.

4. 4 (four) colour Offset Printing Machine 19”X25.25” Heidelberg (Germany) 7688


5. MOE Offset Machine 19”X25.25” Heidelberg (Germany) 602333


6. Double Demy Bi-Color Machine 25” X 36” Roland Perva




7. Double Demy Bi-Color offset machine 25.25”X 36”, Heidelberg (Germany) 5283


8. Polar-Mohr(Cutting Machine) 45’’ Germany 115


9. Die-Cutting Machine 19’’ X 26” India 051


10. Lamination 32’’ China


11. GSM Machine China


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